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    I always though of myself as a person who could grasp new concepts and fit them into my thought process. As most of my friends and business associates are finding out, we are on the outside-looking-in on Social Media concepts & utilization. All of us can get on Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Tweet our favorite […]


    In concert with our IMDjobs Recruiting Services, we are offering Contract Staffing Services to our Home Health Care Clients. Rather than hire Marketing Reps & Managers, we will provide qualified Marketing Staff on a Contract basis. We will provide Employment Paperwork, payroll, taxes and benefits. Your Employee will work for you but be paid by […]

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    EmPower Referral Building Workshops, OnLine or In-Person

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    Take control of Your Referral Process, with our CRM

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    We help you deliver “Value” to Your Clients

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    We recruit your local “Dream Team”

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Find your “Dream Job” online will fill your OPEN Postitions for a low monthly charge. Finally an Online Jobs site for Home Care, Hospice, LTC, Mgt and Therapists.


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2014 Virtual Manager Projects

IMD Marketing is starting Virtual Manager projects in major cities in the 1st Quarter. We will be On Line with our Clients Representatives to manage their Sales Activities, Meeting Calendars and Referral Stats for 90 days. As usual we expect to see dramatic increases in Admissions and Revenue for the 1st Quarter. Call us at […]

Speaking at Private Duty Convention

IMD presenting the Referral Acceleration Workshop at the HCA of Florida 25th Annual Convention


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CRM Systems
IMD CRM Systems
The Virtual Manager will follow your Marketing Activities on a Daily Basis and provide Analysis and Recommendations to Accelerate Referrals.

Be a real Full Service Home Care Company with our CRM System!

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Referral Workshops

Increase Referrals through the EmPower Referral Building Workshops.

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Marketing Services
Marketing Services
Marketing Services

Is your Marketing Plan a New Years Resolution or a Growth & Development Plan?

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IMD Solutions
Sell Solutions
IMD Solutions

Solution Selling & the Territory Marketing Manual, increase your Referrals Over Night, & Stoke-up the Team.

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Recruiting & Staffing
Recruiting & Staffing
Recruiting and Staffing

Finally, a Recruiting Agency & Internet based Staffing Service available for Home Health.

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